Why I Started So Good

Hi there! I’m  Kameko Grant, the proud founder of So Good General Store.

Here, we have a deep conviction around our ethos and are fully committed to our mission of caring for our planet, finding creative ways to stay sustainable, and supporting our BIPOC community.

My journey towards sustainable living started back in the day when I worked in the fashion industry. As a designer, I realized the immense harm the clothing industry is causing our planet. After years of working behind a desk in NYC, I challenged myself to get closer to nature and become more eco-aware.

Through my experiences in nature and growing awareness of environmental issues, I made a choice to change my family's lifestyle and environmental footprint. 

While pregnant with my third child, I was shocked by the toxic ingredients in so-called "green" cleaning products: sulfates, petroleum, fake fragrances, dyes, and more. It didn't take long to see the blatant "greenwashing" larger companies were engaging in, and that true eco-friendly, child-safe, and BIPOC-owned products were almost impossible to come by.

So, instead of settling, I decided to create my own line of cleaning super-concentrated cleaning solutions and beauty products.

So Good General Store products are super safe, smell amazing, sustainably packaged and refillable, and best of all, not lining the pockets of just another white-owned corporation.

Being fiercely competitive, I’ve done this while keeping our products affordable and reasonably priced.

We are proud to be a BIPOC-owned, female founded business and will continue to strive to positively impact the world through our products. 

Plant Power to the People.