Why I Started So Good


Hello friends,

My name is Kameko Grant (she/her) the founder of So Good General Store. I am extremely motivated to show my children how a female, Afro-Latina can be an entrepreneur and business founder, launch a passionate career and also make a positive impact on the world.

I have deep convictions around the ethos of So Good General Store. I am committed to my mission of caring for our planet, my BIPOC community, educating others on what they can do to help. My team and I at SGGS make this happen by providing a product and a service that implements our mission. 

The super cleaning concentrates I created for So Good are also in a league that has yet to be matched by other companies. I use vegan, all natural and mostly organic ingredients. We only scent using essential oils, no fake ‘fragrances’, nothing that isn’t completely plant derived. Most companies dilute their product to 90%+ water which requires larger bottles and more carbon emissions to ship. I decided to make my products concentrated in efforts to save water and 2-5x more of our planet’s precious resources as our competitors do. So Good has managed to do all of this while remaining extremely competitive in our pricing. 

My sustainable living journey started 5  years ago after working in the fashion industry in New York City. As a designer I realized how detrimental the clothing industry is to our planet. In addition, after years of working behind a desk and in an urban setting, I challenged myself to take on outdoor activities I had never done before: hiking, rock climbing, solo  camping, getting out in nature.

Both spending time outdoors and becoming more sustainability-aware, I made major changes to my family’s environmental footprint. We moved to California to be closer to outdoor activities and this is where my So Good General Store story began. While pregnant with my third child, Laser, I was taken aback by the ingredients in the so-called “green” cleaning products: sulfates, petroleum, fake fragrances, dyes and more. Going deeper into research, I realized there were a handful of large corporations who participated in “green washing”.

I researched true eco-friendly, child-safe products that could still blast through dirt, smell amazing and BIPOC-owned. I found low impact products, but they weren’t sustainably packaged nor were they minority-owned. Instead, I decided to create my own products by researching plant-based surfactants, cleaning and therapeutic benefits of essential oils and delving into the chemistry of it all. I created a formula of four super concentrated cleaning solutions that I use all over my home and began sharing with family and friends. Today, So Good General Store products are safe, non-toxic, pleasant-smelling, sustainably-packaged and re-usable and available for all-over home cleaning.