Why I Started So Good

Welcome! I'm Kameko Grant, the proud founder of So Good and I'm here to tell you why this company is more than just a store.

At So Good General Store, our mission runs deep. We are committed to caring for our planet, fostering sustainability, and empowering our BIPOC community. With a background in the fashion industry, I witnessed firsthand the harm caused by the clothing industry. This ignited a desire to get closer to nature and embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Through personal experiences and a growing environmental awareness, I embarked on a journey to reduce my family's environmental footprint.

It was during my pregnancy with my third child that I discovered the toxic ingredients lurking even in so-called "green" cleaning products. The deceptive greenwashing tactics employed by larger corporations frustrated me, and true eco-friendly, child-safe, and BIPOC-owned products were impossible to find.

Instead of settling for subpar options, I took matters into my own hands ( I do this a lot ) and created a line of super-concentrated cleaning solutions and non-toxic beauty products.

The products I created for So Good General Store are not only safe and sustainably packaged, but they also smell amazing.

Even better your support directly benefits a BIPOC-owned business, not just another faceless corporation.

I believe that sustainability should be accessible to all, which is why we've kept our products affordable without compromising on quality. As a BIPOC-owned and female-founded business, I take immense pride in positively impacting the world through our products.

Join me on this journey and experience the power of plant-based solutions. Together, we can make a difference.

Plant Power to the People