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Replenish your four cleaning concentrates or start here if you’ve got your own reusable spray bottles. Need the spray bottles? Check out our Starter Kit

Each 1 oz. bottle of concentrate makes 32 oz. of cleaning spray, meaning you’ll be able to fill a 16 oz. spray bottle twice. With four different concentrates, the 1 oz. set gives you 8 bottles of cleaner (2 oz. set = 16 bottles; 4 oz. set = 32 bottles!). 

Buying all four at once saves you money up front, and you’ll save an additional 10% when you subscribe for regular deliveries.


  • Wood + Floor Super Concentrate
  • Bath + Tile  Super Concentrate
  • Glass + Mirror  Super Concentrate
  • All Purpose  Super Concentrate

How to use: 

  • Fill your spray bottle with 15 oz. of water (filtered is best!)
  • Pour in ½ oz. (2-3 tsp.) of concentrate and replace the nozzle
  • Gently tilt the bottle back and forth to mix concentrate with water
  • Spray, scrub, inhale, exhale – no need to rinse


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